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Wellness Retreats

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Set away from the bustle of Bali, you know you have entered a special place when you walk into the substantial compound of Villa Batujimbar. An imposing Lembu balé greets you at the onset, decorated with sculptures carved into stone. The lower level of the structure is locked and kept private, but if you make a special request, you may get to glimpse what it hides - a museum of treasures including paintings, sculptures and other works of art by award-winning artists.

The upper level of the balé gives you a vantage point and may be used for alfresco dining. It is also perfect for yoga sessions, with ornate sculptures of gods and goddesses all around. It is an intriguing, spiritual place and perfect for connecting with oneself.

Villa Batujimbar - Sundeck by the beach

On the other side of the balé lies a large swimming pool where the group can indulge in aqua exercises or simply relax in the water. The pool is big enough at 20-metres to accommodate whatever water activities your retreat’s itinerary demands. Those who do not wish to join in the water fun can relax in the covered poolside veranda, shaded from the sunshine.

Walking towards the other side of the compound, you will find rambling grounds and a door leading onto the deserted beach. Play an active game in the gardens and sum up your full day of wellness with a massage in the spa room.

The magnificent outdoor living room can be used for holding wellness talks or for getting together with the group to discuss and share stories. It can also serve as a place to just relax and journal, or spend time with one’s thoughts – there’s a lot of space for everybody, guaranteed.

A perfect place to hold a wellness retreat, there is also a garden dining balé with a table for 10 for outdoor dining, as well as a balé by the beach. Find yourself by the calm waters and enjoy your wellness journey.

To find out more, get in touch with our team at [email protected], and discuss how Villa Batujimbar can fulfil your wellness event needs.

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